Move Beyond Biometrics

Deploy no-code video analytics in your organisation.


Why Deploy Facial Recognition?

The thing about a person’s face- it’s unique, and it doesn’t change. Biometric readers can stop reading fingerprints even if there’s the tiniest cut on the finger, and RFID systems are too easy to dupe.

But, the camera never lies. As long as the camera can see your employee, you can identify them. And, if you can identify them, you can take attendance.

'Shiftless' Attendance

With the constant churn in contract employees, keeping track of their attendance can be a nightmare. Leave that nightmare to us.

Adopt ‘Shiftless’ attendance!

Our Machine learning algorithms-

  • Automatically calculate production hours based on shift trends
  • Generate effortless payroll reports for the finance team
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Faces Captured Everyday

Our Innovations

Making your life easier

Your CCTVs

No need for fancy cameras. Darsa’s cutting-edge algorithms works on any CCTV camera with 2 MP resolution or higher. Meaning, you can get started with what you have, right now!

Runs On Anything

Let’s be honest, good hardware is really tough to come by these days. So, when building Darsa, our objective was to make it as light as possible- and we succeeded. Our solutions run on desktop-grade PCs; no specialised hardware required.

Awesome Integrations

Exposed APIs mean Darsa solutions plug right into your HRMS system- giving you ready to-use data come payroll time. Want to keep your fancy turnstile setup? No worries, we can interface with that too!

Attendance Anywhere

With mobile and laptop functionality, capture attendance anywhere- office, home, or on the move.