Keep an eye on safety, from anywhere

Plug and play system for Safety checks and audits. With all the integrations you know and love.

Safety Anywhere

We build products that meet your needs. Get complete visibility of your operations-from all corners of the earth.

  • Real-time alerts over email, WhatsApp, or public broadcasting systems
  • Feature-rich dashboard
  • 3rd party api integration

Key Features

  • Mask Detection and PPE checks Enforce mask presence throughout your facility and track compliance through your security cameras.
    • Real-time alerts of violations
    • Exposed APIs for custom applications
  • Critical Asset Tracking Track presence of critical items in a designated area
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • First Aid kits
    • Personal Safety Gear
  • Guardian Vision Track all incidences in your facility, like-
    • Employee Presence in No-Go zones
    • High-value items
    • Misplaced Items
  • - And many more!

40 +


1000 +

Alerts Generated

99 %

Uptime For All Installations

Our Innovations

Making your life easier

Making your life easier

No need for fancy cameras. Darsa’s cutting-edge algorithms works on any CCTV camera with 2 MP resolution or higher. Meaning, you can get started with what you have, right now!

Runs On Anything

Let’s be honest, good hardware is really tough to come by these days. So, when building Darsa, our objective was to make it as light as possible- and we succeeded. Our solutions run on desktop-grade pus; no specialised hardware required.