Biometric machines come with their own limitations!
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No more complex hardware and maintenance. Darsa’s mobile staff attendance app offers portability and instant setup.


What makes Darsa’s Mobile Attendance App win over
Biometric Attendance Machines?

Accurate Attendance Capture

Darsa comes with practically 100% accurate face recognition. It recognizes a person even with a mask or any changes in facial features.

Biometric machines are usually slow and inaccurate.


Remote/Distributed Staff Attendance

Remote/Distributed Staff Attendance

With Darsa, remote or distributed staff can mark attendance from any approved location, ensuring transparency and avoiding attendance-related leakages.

Portable and Centralized Control

App based attendance is portable. Employees can mark attendance or onboard with a single selfie.

Darsa's centralized software provides better controls, transparency and decision making.


Attendance Policies, Automated OT calculations

With Darsa, you can automate attendance policies. You can set late marks, half day, shift timings, calculate overtime and track with real time reports.

No more manual tracking and calculations.

Realtime Dashboard and Payroll-Ready Reports

Darsa offers real-time attendance dashboard on mobile. It generates payroll ready reports and seamlessly integrates with existing HRMS.

Biometric machines requires reports to be downloaded.


Bring Transparency and Control

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Darsa Biometric Solutions

  Face Recognition

Touchless and highly accurate (AI powered) Non-recognition errors are common

  Face Recognition Speed

~1 sec 3 to 10 sec


Attendance at approved locations Not available

  User Experience

User-centric solution, designed for lower-skilled workforce in mind Difficult to understand mis match of fingerprints, slow functioning machine

  Offline Support

Works offline. Auto switch between offline and online based on Internet availability Limited or no offline capabilities

  Installation and Rollout

No complicated hardware or wiring. Fast rollout with self-onboarding option Bulky machines with cumbersome installation process. No self-boarding option

  Real-time view

Realtime attendance dashboard on mobile and desktop Not available, reports have to be periodically downloaded


Little or no maintenance, auto upgrade without any intervention Expensive hardware maintenance contracts required

Time and Attendance Management

Attendance policies, multiple reports, shift roaster, OT calculations, and 50+ useful features Usually done manually via spreadsheet or 3rd party integrations with limited features