Mobile Attendance App with Face Recognition

Centralized and robust attendance app to monitor the time and attendance of your distributed, on-field, and on-premise staff

Clock in from Anywhere, Any Device

Darsa runs on Android or iOS-based devices. The staff can clock in using their mobile or through a kiosk. Eliminates the need for complicated hardware or standalone attendance machines.

Best for field or roaming staff, retail stores, construction sites, facility management companies, manufacturing companies, and more.


Clock In/Out at Multiple Locations

Does your staff require to work across multiple locations? Darsa automatically tracks where they are. Geofencing ensures the staff clocks in only at specific locations and prevents them from clocking in when they are out of range. Centralized dashboard offers a real-time view of the multiple clock-ins.

Selfie Attendance with Facial Recognition

Darsa's AI-powered facial recognition feature offers practically 100% accurate clockin. The feature works with face masks or changes in facial attributes like a beard, a new hairstyle, or even with spectacles.


Detailed Reports and Analytics

Detailed reports and analytics make managing payroll easy. Error-free final payroll-ready reports eliminate the need for reconciliation and the creation of manual reports. Get daily, and monthly reports directly from the app in a format of your choice.

Centralized Controls

Centralized view enables tracking of your distributed, on-field, and on-premise staff. Know who is in or out in real-time. Get a real-time view of attendance status and history, download reports, manage staff directories, and more from the mobile app. .


Secure Cloud Storage

Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with stringent security and privacy protocols ensures the security of your data. Our resilient architecture and processes have practically full up-time.

Staff Self-Service on the App

The mobile app enables your staff to regularize their attendance, view attendance history, apply for leaves, check their leave status, view their shifts, and more.


That's not all! Darsa offers much more!


Time off (Leave) Management

Created by ProSymbols from the Noun Project

Integration with payroll

Shift scheduling


Job mapping


Kiosk mode (Touchless)


Blacklist, deactivate Staff


Web dashboard


Attendance reminders

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Darsa for companies with Contractual and Distributed workforce

Companies with contractual staff have
saved 37% of revenue leakages simply by
switching to new age Face recognition Time
& Attendance