Enterprise Time and Attendance Software

Get Darsa Enterprise Time and Attendance Software to automate time tracking, save HR hours, and improve the
efficiency of your Contractual and Distributed Workforce.

Cloud-Based Time and Attendance

With Darsa Enterprise Time and Attendance Software, you can track attendance, approve leaves, access clock-ins, create detailed reports from anywhere at any time and maintain up-to-date records. Staff can access In/Out time, OT details, leave data, and more from any location.


Time and Attendance Tracking

With Darsa Enterprise Time and Attendance, you can capture attendance through the kiosk, supervisor’s mobile, or staff mobile. Darsa tracks every In and Out and automatically calculates the exact hours clocked in. Late marks, break time, Overtime, half days, and leaves are also considered. Centralized view enables tracking the attendance of your staff working at multiple locations.

Automated and Simplified Shift Management

Darsa Enterprise Attendance System helps to plan the shift roaster optimally. You can automatically allocate the shifts bulk-wise or individually and efficiently manage weekly varying shift schedules and changing number of staff in each shift. There's also an option for automatic shift allocation based on the staff's in and out time.


Easy Time Off Management

Darsa's Time off management system is easily configurable and flexible. Staff can apply for time off from anywhere, or managers can do it on their behalf. Staff can quickly check their leave balance and past leave history.

Multiple Customizable Policies

Customize break time, late marks, overtime, leaves, and more. There are over policies to help you track time and attendance accurately. No more manual tracking and calculations and spending hours in reconciliation every month end.


Detailed Reporting and Analytics

With Darsa Enterprise Time and Attendance System, you can instantly transform your raw attendance data into insightful reports and dashboards. Detailed reporting and analytics help you plan your budget, manage payrolls, track your staff's productivity, analyze attendance patterns, and more.

We offer practical features

Robust Attendance Reports

Overtime Calculation Policies


Web dashboard


Job mapping

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