GPS Geofenced Attendance System

GPS Geofenced Based Attendance and Timesheet Solution for your Distributed, On-Field, and On-Premise Workforce

Clock In/Out at Multiple Locations

With Darsa's GPS geofenced based attendance solution, roaming or field staff can mark attendance at one or more approved locations. Multiple locations are traceable with time and location stamps. Eliminates any confusion regarding attendance or payroll processing.


Geofence Specific Work Sites

Geofencing ensures the staff clocks in only at specific locations and not when they are out of range. Centralized dashboard offers a real-time view of the clock-ins and the staff’s work location.

No More Buddy Punching

Geofencing and face recognition eliminate buddy punching and time theft. Darsa’s AI-powered face recognition attendance system provides practically 100% robust and accurate attendance capturing. Staff can clock in with a selfie or through the kiosk only at designated worksites.


Multiple Self-Serve Features to Empower Your Staff

The staff can apply for regularization of their attendance, view leave history, apply for leaves, check leave status, view the shift allocated, and more using Darsa GPS based attendance app. Managers can approve leaves from the app.

Automated Policies and Reports

Set late marks, half-day, overtime, shift timings, and other policies right within Darsa and keep a close watch with real-time reports. Export detailed spreadsheets for compensation and other calculations. Get daily and monthly reports directly from the app in a format of your choice.


That's not all! Darsa offers much more!


Time off (Leave) Management

Created by ProSymbols from the Noun Project

Integration with Payroll HRMS

web dashboard

Web dashboard


Clock in reminders

Shift Scheduling

Real-Time Notifications

Admin or Supervisor View

Detailed Attendance Reports

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