Attendance and Timesheet Solution for Contractual
and Distributed workforce

Darsa Ai pricing plans Customize Your payment Based on Your Requirements


₹350 /staff/year
+ ₹39,000 /year (Base price)

  • Face recognition based
  • Attendance via Kiosk app (tablet/mobile) at entrance
  • Geofenced attendance via User app
  • User/Admin app (Android, iOS)
  • Admin web dashboard
  • Attendance policies/compliance
  • Multiple reports and analytics
  • Leave Management (Addon)
    ₹60 /staff/year


₹390 /staff/year
+ ₹39,000 /year (Base price)

  • Shift roster
  • Job mapping
  • Multiple InOut tracking
  • Geofencing in Kiosk app
  • Contractor agency onboarding, documents and management
  • Future new enhancements
  • Leave Management (Addon)
    ₹60 /staff/year


More than 1000 staff?

Feature Catalogue

Features Standard Premium Enterprise
Taking Attendance
Attendance Kiosk mode
Selfie-based attendance using own mobile
Geo location capture
User app (Android/iOS) to view own attendance
Multiple in-out -
Bulk upload staff details
Add new staff from kiosk and userapp
Govt ID card scan and autocapture details -
Self-onboarding using own mobile (faster rollout)
Onboard reporting staff using own mobile
Contractor agency onboarding -
Staff Management
Manage staff from the admin dashboard or using your mobile
Admin app (iOS/Android)
Manage contractor agency details from the admin dashboard -
Customized staff in-out view in the dashboard
Forms as per staff type -
Deactivated staff alerts -
Attendance reminder notification -
User, admin comments
Bulk edit staff details
Bulk delete staff details
Bulk deactivate staff details
Transfer staff to another site
Staff can transfer themselves to a new location -
Attendance Compliances & Management
Overtime calculation policies
Attendance restriction policies
Break time, late mark, half-day & other automated policies
Regularization for forgot-punch or other manual corrections -
Regularization via user app -
Restrict attendance per location
Restrict attendance per device
Multiple timezone support
Allow attendance from additional sites
Admin approval for attendance
Job (project) mapping
Geofenced attendance via user app
Bulk regularization
Regularization via kiosk -
Admin alerts on non-compliance -
Geofenced attendance via Kiosk app -
Shift management -
Audit (spot) attendance -
Group attendance -
Reports and Analytics
Monthly attendance report
Multiple report formats
EOD summary via SMS
Account Administration
Multiple roles: admin, sub-admin, supervisor, etc
Multi-site setup with centralized control
Staff directory
Audit log (Admin view of important data changes by any user)
Device settings on web dashboard and User app
Admin alerts & notification -
Notification preferences for users -
Custom Role -
Leave Management (Addon)
Holiday calendar
Staff self-service on user app -
Advanced leave policies
Rolebased dashboard to view/approve leaves
Multi-level leave approval
Alerts & notifications for apply, approve & reject
Rotating weekly off workflow
Multiple reports
Customer Support, Updates and Others
Email support
Phone support
Automatic updates for enhancements -
Integration with 3rd party HR/payroll software - -
Custom integrations - -
Dedicated account manager - -
Notification preferences for users -