Centralized and Accurate Time Tracking Software for Contractual and Distributed Workforce

Automate and streamline your staff attendance and timesheet for effortless payroll calculations


Accurate Face Recognition

Automatically recognizes face even with mask on. AI-powered time and attendance software

Custom Reports
with OT calculations

Policies to automate OT, Shifts and Payroll-ready

GPS geofencing Attendance

Attendance at pre-approved geofenced locations using any mobile/tablet.

Centralized controls of multiple Sites

Real-time view of all sites. Separate view for admin and supervisor

Features of Darsa Time and Attendance Management Software

Time Tracking from any Device

Instant set up on Mobile/Tablet. Capture attendance through the kiosk, supervisor’s mobile, or a selfie using the staff mobile. Time tracking app runs on Android or iOS-based devices. Eliminates the need for complicated hardware or standalone attendance machines.


Track Multiple In/Out

Tracks every In and Out in the system. Can be configured to estimate the time between Ins and Outs to calculate the actual time spent at work. Additional punch feature enables staff to ‘punch in’ at multiple client sites and ‘punch out’ only while exiting from the last client site.

Track Time Across Locations

Mark In/Out at approved geofenced locations. The Time and Attendance tracking software tracks time irrespective of the number of client sites/stores a staff member visits in a day. Requires no manual reconciliation by the admin


Track Exact Hours Clocked-In

100% accurate time tracking. Automatically calculates exact hours clocked in. Takes into account late marks, break time, OT, half days, leaves, and more. Over 70 + customizable policies to automate time tracking. Makes payroll a breeze.

Tracking Leaves is Easy

Track leaves online. Staff can avail of full or half-day leave or leave for even a few hours. Facility to carry forward leaves, enable sandwich leave policy, and set other leave policies. Customized leave policies and holiday calendars for different sites, regions, and staff categories.


Automated and Simplified Shift Management

Automatically allocate the shifts bulk-wise or individually. Efficiently manage weekly varying shift schedules and changing number of staff members in each shift. Option for automatic allocation of shifts based on the in and out time.

Easy Payroll Integration

Darsa can be easily integrated with any third-party HR/payroll software. Accurate time calculations ensure you always have error-free final payroll-ready reports for easy payroll.


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Darsa for companies with Contractual and Distributed workforce

Darsa is an attendance and time tracking software for businesses across industries. Companies in the construction, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, retail chain, and facility management have implemented Darsa successfully to plug their revenue leakages. The solution can be used by enterprises to proficiently manage the time and attendance needs of their contractual, distributed, and field workforce.