Streamline Time and Attendance with Cutting-Edge Face Recognition (Biometric) system with AI Technology

With the constant churn of contract employees, keeping track of their attendance can be a nightmare. Leave that nightmare to us. Deploy no-code video analytics in your organization.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Operates on Mobile/Tablet
devices for convenient
usage. Includes Geofencing feature.

Efficiently Manage Multiple Locations

Observe real-time data from multiple sites. Achieve transparency and centralized management.

Policies Tailored to Your Needs

Customize policies based on specific locations or staff categories. Covering shifts, overtime, late marks, and more.

Simplified Payroll Preparation

Generate automated timesheets with accurate calculations, ready for seamless payroll processing.

Why Choose Us

Prevent instances such as fraudulent clock-ins, buddy punching, inaccurate overtime calculations, reconciliation discrepancies, and other irregularities.
Streamline shift scheduling, implement weekly off rotations, optimize job assignments, and leverage analytics for informed decision-making to maximize workforce utilization.
Minimize tardiness and unplanned absences while harnessing the power of customizable policies specifically designed to enhance workforce productivity.

Making your life easier

Your CCTVs

Any camera input-works on
any CCTV camera / webcam
/ mobile cam


Runs On Anything

Desktop-grade PCs / Laptops
/ Mobiles / Tablets


Awesome Integrations

Exposed APIs mean Darsa solutions plug right into your HRMS system- giving you ready to-use data come payroll time. Want to keep your fancy turnstile setup? No worries, we can interface with that too!

Adopt ‘Shiftless Attendance’




Annual Savings (Upto)


Faces Captures Everyday


Square Feet Transformed